Stronger motor mount for C-Beam

Step by step build of my new motor mount, which is compatible with the Openbuilds C-beam linear actuator. It’s far stronger, suitable for larger motors, and makes it a lot easier to line up the motor with the shaft coupler.

Download the SketchUp file here

Parts list:

Lasercut acrylic parts (from SketchUp file)
7 x M5 x 16mm bolts (preferably hex head, as the head should be as small as possible)
1 x M5 x 16mm countersunk bolt
4 x M5 nuts
9 x M4 x 16mm bolts
9 x M4 nuts
1 x M3 x 10mm bolt

Related / optional parts:

V1 RepRap opto-endstop
shaft coupler to fit 8mm threaded rod and motor shaft
NEMA 23 stepper motor

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