Lasercut acrylic linear actuator

I designed my own lasercut parts for a c-beam linear actuator, based on the Openbuilds ones. They should be cut from 5mm thick acrylic sheet, except the top layer of the gantry plate, which should be cut from 3mm thick sheet.

Download the SketchUp files here

Parts list

Laser cut acrylic parts: Gantry plate, 2x endplates and anti-backlash nut trap
4x mini v-wheels including bearings, M5 bolts, nyloc nuts, 2x eccentric spacers, and 2x standard spacers
2x reprap-style opto-endstops
8mm shaft coupler – external dimensions: 18 x 25mm
2x 8mm collars with grubscrews
2x ‘thin’ 8mm washers – 8mm ID, 12mm OD
2x 688ZZ bearings
C-beam extrusion – in this case, 500mm long
M8 threaded rod, the length of the C-beam extrusion plus 25mm. ie. in this case, 525mm long
2x M8 nuts
Compression spring – 9.5mm ID x 15mm long
NEMA 23 motor
2x aluminium spacers, 5.5mm ID x 40mm long
2x M5 x 60mm bolts
2x M3 x 25mm bolts
4x M3 x 10mm bolts
6x M5 x 20mm hex bolts
2x M5 x 16mm countersunk bolts
Aluminium foil
Solvent cement

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