Fix windscreen washer angle

One windscreen washer nozzle on my car was set at the wrong angle, so the cleaning fluid squirted too high and missed the screen. Eventually I got tired of the passenger side getting caked in road dust and salt and decided to fix it.

This is a tiny detail, but it is tested in the MOT and I know of somebody whose car failed the MOT just on this point, and had to pay for a retest. This was stupid behaviour from the garage and personally I wouldn’t put up with it, but still, it’s something you can check yourself and save your blood pressure. Plus – you want to be able to see out of your windscreen! This might go into a future category on this site I will call ‘Simple points to check to avoid MOT micky taking’..

Fix windscreen washer angle

I found a pack of sewing needles. The pack size was ’3/9′ which turned out to be perfect to fit the washer nozzle. You could use a scrap of wire, but you need something quite stiff.

Set windscreen washer angle

I stuck the needle into the washer nozzle..


..and used it as a lever to rotate the tiny ball joint to point at the right place. Needles are strong but brittle so to avoid it snapping, I held it right where it fit into the nozzle.

How to fix windscreen washer nozzle

Take the needle out and test the windscreen washer. The spray should hit the windscreen midway up. You may need to adjust the nozzle and test the spray several times.

Set windscreen washer angle

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