Bed frame


Here’s a bed frame made entirely from 38 x 63 x 2400mm studding. Don’t you love metric? I assume this used to be called 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 8′. Wickes sells it fairly cheap here – you’d need a minimum of 10 lengths. I used one and a half boxes of these No.12 by 2″ screws. Beefy screws are important for furniture that’s going to carry the weight of two people. Attached to this post is a SketchUp model of the whole thing.

It’s made to fit 2 x Ikea Sultan Luroy 80 x 200cm bed slats and Lycksele Lovas 80 x 188cm mattresses.

It’s cheap (when I bought the studding from Wickes it cost around £40) and it took me 3 hours to cut the wood on a chopsaw. I recommend using some sort of electric saw that cuts good right-angles because apart from saving bags of time, if any of the angles on the ends of the studding are off, that’ll seriously effect the strength of the frame.

In the SketchUp model, I haven’t marked the places to screw the wood together, but the important detail which might not be possible to guess from the model is that at each corner where the front and back lengths meet the legs, I screwed down through the lip on the side lengths (where the slats will rest) into the front/back lengths. This is important to add strength.

The headboard can be any sheet wood, but I used 12mm MDF. If you used thicker wood, you could leave out the large crossbar behind the headboard.

The single most important tip for this, or any other bed where the wooden slats rest directly on wooden lips on the frame, is to wax the lips thoroughly by rubbing a candle along them, or this will squeak like crazy! I know what you’re probably thinking now, but seriously, you can’t even read a book without making a racket if you don’t wax the lips.

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