Spindle Carriage

A c-beam compatible carriage to fit a 3kW, 10cm diameter spindle. You can download the SketchUp files here. Parts list: 4 x v-wheel kits, including bearings, bolts, spacers and.. 2 x eccentric spacers 16 x M4 x 16mm countersunk bolts 16 x M4 nuts 2 x M4 x 40mm bolts 2 x M4 washers


SketchUp to Laser Cutter

This zip file contains 2 open sourced scripts; skp_to_dxf.rb and dxf2gcode.py. To install a .rb plugin for SketchUp, these instructions are useful: SketchUp Help. The python script comes with a folder of supporting files – just copy the whole folder to your computer and run the script by clicking dxf2gcode.py. This should work ‘out of the …